Town Clerk

Sally A. Crawford

Town Clerk, Registrar, Records Management Officer

Tel. 845-726-3700

Fax 845-726-4205

Lewis Lain, Deputy Town Clerk and Deputy Registrar

Bonnie Licardi, Assistant to Clerk

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 10:30am - 3:00pm

First Tuesday of the month 6pm - 8pm or by Appointment

Also available for appointments, please call ahead 845-726-3700

Services Available:

Birth & Death Certificates

Dog Licenses

Fishing & Hunting Licenses

Handicapped Permits

Marriage Licenses


Voter Registration

Fee Schedule

Birth Transcript $10.00

Conservation Licenses Contact Town Hall

Copies $.25/each

Death Certificate & Transcript $10.00


Dog Licenses

Spayed/Neutered $7.50 (New Fees Effective 1/1/2011)

Unspayed/Unneutered $15.00 (New Fees Effective 1/1/2011)

Lost Tag $3.00

Redemption Fee $250.00

Handicapped Permits FREE

Marriage License $40.00

Marriage Transcript $10.00

Comprehensive Development Plan $15.00

Highway Specifications $10.00

Land Subdivision Regulations $15.00

Specs 1 & 2 Family Dwelling $5.00

Subdivision Application FREE

Zoning Law $15.00

Zoning Map $5.00