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Public Notice Archives 2019



Planning Board 01/23/2019 Agenda

Public Hearing Notice Planning Board HSC Westtown

Public Hearing Notice ZBA Linguanti


Town Board 02/13/2019 Agenda

Planning Board 02/27/2019 Agenda

2018 Annual Financial Report Notice


Town Board 03/13/2019 Agenda

Planning Board 03/27/2019 Agenda

Proposed Dollar General Traffic Study


Town Board 04/10/2019 Agenda

Planning Board 04/24/2019 Agenda


Planning Board meeting rescheduled to May 29, 2019 (Posted 5/2/2019)

Town Board 05/08/2019 Agenda

Proposed Dollar General Geotechnical Report

Planning Board 05/29/2019 Agenda

Proposed Dollar General Community Impact Study


ZBA 06/10/2019 Agenda

Town Board 06/12/2019 Agenda

Planning Board 06/26/2019 Agenda

Proposed Dollar General Lighting

Proposed Dollar General Fire Advisory Comments

Proposed Dollar General Zoning and Economic Analysis

Proposed Dollar General Northern Cricket Frog Analysis

Proposed Dollar General Traffic Impact Comments


Town Board Agenda 07/10/2019

Proposed Dollar General Environmental Assessment Form

Planning Board Agenda 07/24/2019


ZBA Agenda 08/12/2019

Town Board Agenda 08/14/2019

Public Hearing Notice re: Solar Pilot 09/11/2019

Planning Board Agenda 08/28/2019

September 2019

Town Board Agenda 9/11/2019

Planning Board Agenda 09/25/2019

October 2019

Preliminary 2020 Budget Hearing 10/9/19

Town Board Agenda 10/9/2019

Planning Board Agenda 10/23/2019

Final 2020 Budget Hearing 11/13/2019

November 2019

Planning Board Nov/Dec 2019 Date Change Notice

Town Board Agenda

December 2019

Public Hearing Notice - Fire Protection Contracts

Town Board Agenda

Town Board Final 2019 Meeting Notice

Planning Board Agenda 12/17/2019

Planning Board 12/17/2019 Cancelled (Next meeting 1/22/2020)