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Switching from STAR exemption to a check in NY

Homeowners can switch from an exemption to a check, and those who opt to do so

could see the value of their STAR savings increase annually because, by law, the

STAR credit can increase by as much as 2% each year, according to the state. The

value of STAR exemptions cannot increase.

You can switch from a STAR exemption to a STAR credit at any time, but whether

you receive a STAR credit for the current year will depend on whether you met

your municipality-specific deadline. 

The deadline to file is two weeks prior to  July 1 st .

For more information on how to register for a STAR credit, go

to Or call 518-457-2036


The Town of Minisink has not had a reassessment since 1991!

Be aware of Property Tax Grievance and Appeal Company’s mass mailings trying to get homeowners to sign up for them to review your property assessment.  

These companies generally charge a fee if you receive any reduction.  When you read the fine print a $75 appraisal fee, 

as well as a $30 court filing fee, may be charged. Please contact our office before you sign anything. 

Our office will gladly review your assessment and property records with you, making any necessary adjustments. 


Agricultural, Senior, Enhanced Star & Veteran Exemptions Forms

are due March 1



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Jessica Morgewicz

Mary Pendergast

Daniel Valentine

Forms and Documents

2024 Tentative Assessment Roll

Agricultural Assessment Form 

Change of Address Form

Cold War Veterans Exemption Form

Complaint of Real Property Assessment Form RP-524

Solar/Wind Exemption Application