Justice Court


George Smith, Justice - Court 

held every other 

Thursday at 7:00 pm

 Karen Ostberg, Justice - Court 

held every other 

Tuesday at 12:00 pm


Monday thru Wednesday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Thursday & Friday - By appointment only 

Tel. 845-726-3700 - Extension 2

Vehicle & Traffic Court TRIALS will be held IN PERSON. 

Court sessions are for TRIALS only, you will receive a notice from the Court with your TRIAL date.

DO NOT appear on the date that is on your ticket(s)- Instead please do the following:

Please fill out EITHER part “A” (plea of guilty) OR part “B” (plea of not guilty) of your ticket(s). 

You may mail or drop off ticket(s) to the Court Clerk’s Office. 

Also, there is a drop box located to the left of the front doors for after hours.

*Please note: The date on your ticket(s) is a PLEA DUE DATE ONLY, no other action happens on this date. You will receive a letter that instructs you what to do.