Town of Minisink

Emergencies only dial 911. 

Please call Town Clerk at 845-726-3700 if you need any additional information.

Town Newsletter:  If you are a Town of Minisink resident and would like to sign up please use the following online form. Electronic copies are available in pdf format by clicking on the "Newsletter" image.


Library Update:

The Town of Minisink has approved the contract with the Port Jervis Free Library on March 8, 2023.  Town residents should soon be able to renew their library cards at the Port Jervis Free Library.  These services are available only at the Port Jervis Free Library and not through the Ramapo Catskill Library System.


RCLS voted on their Direct Access Plan in 2021 and submitted it to New York State for approval.  This plan is the reason that town residents are not able to access the RCLS system and other libraries in the network.  It would have cost the town taxpayers over $250,000 a year to have access the RCLS System.


We would like to thank the Port Jervis Free Library for allowing these services for our town residents in the Minisink Valley Central School District.


Ralph Ford

Supervisor _______________________________________________________________

County Executive Neuhaus to host Emergency Preparedness training on March 14th

Goshen, N.Y. - Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus announced that the County’s Office of Emergency Management will host a Citizen Preparedness training seminar in conjunction with the New York National Guard and the State’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services on Tuesday, March 14th.

The event is open to the public and will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the County’s Emergency Services Center located at 22 Wells Farm Road in Goshen. Those in attendance will receive a complimentary Citizen Preparedness Corps Response Starter Kit, which provides emergency supplies including a first aid kit, batteries, blanket, and other important items. All participants must register in advance for the seminar at The class is limited to 100 attendees.

“This training is important because it gives Orange County residents the opportunity to learn about basic steps that can protect them and their families in the event of an emergency or natural disaster,” Neuhaus said. “We are glad to have this opportunity to present important information that will be useful to all the attendees.”

Presenters, including a contingent from Orange County’s Division of Emergency Management, will offer tips on responding to a natural or man-made disaster and answer questions from the audience. Participants will be advised on how to properly prepare for any disaster, including developing a family emergency plan and stocking up on emergency supplies. Proper preparation in the home will be emphasized along with encouragement to ensure that smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers are all readily available and working properly.

Trainers will provide information regarding which organizations offer additional support, how to register for NY-Alert (the free statewide emergency alert system), and how to be aware of notifications from such sources as the Emergency Broadcast System.

For more information, contact Justin Rodriguez, Assistant to the County Executive for Communications and Media Relations at 845.291.3255 or




PEARL RIVER, NY March 3, 2023 6 a.m. --- O&R customers are being hounded by a new round of predatory phone calls from crooks trying to steal O&R customers’ money.

The scheme goes this way: Crooks posing as O&R employees call unsuspecting customers and threaten them with the immediate shut off of their electric service if they don’t pay phony O&R bills with Green Dot or other prepaid debit cards.

Here are two big reasons not to believe any crook who makes a shutoff threat:

So, if someone calls you, says they are an O&R employee and threatens to shut off your electric or gas service that day if not immediately paid through a prepaid debit card, remember these tips:

· Hang Up – Disengage so you’re not further subjected to the crook’s high-pressure “sales pitch.”

· Text Scam – After you hang up on them, the more aggressive crooks will try to repeat their shutoff threat by texting you. Ignore the threat. They are crooks.

· Don’t Hit “REDIAL” – The caller ID screen on your phone for the crook’s call may read “Orange and Rockland Utilities”, but that’s a hi-tech bogus copy of the utility company’s number. That’s not O&R. Do not redial, and don’t call the number that the caller gives you to call them back. That will reconnect you to the crook.

· Fast Track - If you are unsure about whether you have an overdue balance on your O&R bill, the fastest way to find out is to log onto your account through to review your latest account information. You also can call O&R’s automated phone system at 1-877-434-4100. Have your Orange and Rockland account number ready and follow the automated phone prompts to check your balance.

· Check the I.D. - If you are contacted by someone in-person or on the phone who says they represent O&R and you wish to verify their identity either ask for their photo ID card, if they are at the door, or get a call-back number if they are on the phone, and call O&R at: 1-845-577-3526 during business hours Monday – Friday 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or 1-877-434-4100 O&R’s Customer Service Department off hours to verify their identity and the nature of their business with you. O&R employees and vendors are trained to cooperate with this request and are happy to comply with an identity verification request.

Remember, if you are feeling threatened or otherwise uncomfortable about your security during the exchange, immediately report the incident to your local police department at 911.


Attention Residents:

As per Section 1219, Vehicle and Traffic Law, sub-section 214, it is "illegal to deposit snow, or any other substance likely to injure any person, animal or vehicle upon such highway".

We ask that you, or the person who plows your driveway, not push snow out of your driveway and into the road, as you will be held responsible if the snow from your driveway causes an accident.  This includes shoveling, snow blowing, and snow removal of parking lots and private roads for residences and local businesses.  

The town roads are used by everyone.  New York State  laws need to be followed to ensure the public's safety.


Orange County provides winter safety tips - 

Precautionary actions can be taken now to ensure safety during the cold months.  

Please see attachment 


HEAP - Home Energy Assistance Program

How can I apply for HEAP:

*Complete and submit an application at

*Request an application by calling 845-291-2002

*Senior residents can call Orange County's Office for the of Aging at 845-615-3710 

 for information and assistance regarding HEAP

*For more information about HEAP, visit

Heap Eligibility:

Monthly income limits for larger households are as follows -

Number of People Monthly Number of People Monthly

in Household Income Limit in Household Income Limit

2 $3,730 8 $7,570

3 $4,608 9 $7,734

4 $5,485 10 $7,899

5 $6,363 11 $8,064

6 $7,241 12 $8,228

7 $7,405 13 $8,778

14 or more: Income limit is increased by $590 for each additional person

*Applicants must provide valid proof of identity for the entire household and valid social security numbers for all household members that have one.

Making a Difference 

The Food Pantry 

at the 

Westtown Evangelical Presbyterian Church

807 Route 284, Westtown, NY  10998

will be open Saturday

January 21, February 18, March 18

Who: Town of Minisink & Greenville Residents  Only

When: The 3rd Saturday of every month

Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

For more information or to make a donation 

call 845-726-3922 and leave a message 

Contact our Town Clerk to submit Community Event notices on this website. 

-Submissions must at be in JPEG, PNG or PDF format.

-Must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event. 


Tel 845-726-3700

Fax 845-726-4205 



Town of Minisink

20 Roy Smith Drive 

Westtown, NY 10998

Regular Hours: 


9 am-3 pm

Evening Hours available by Appointment

E-ZPass On-the-Go

The Town of Minisink is now a participating E-ZPass On-the-Go retailer!  You can purchase your prepackaged E-ZPass tag for $25.00 from our Town Clerk's Office.  There is no additional cost for getting an E-ZPass tag at an On-the-Go location, the full $25.00 payment is moved to your account as soon as you register your tag.  Its as E-Z as 1-2-3, stop by and purchase your tag, mount the tag in your vehicle and register your tag within 48 hours!  Stop by our Town Clerk's Office and get yours today!!

Town Hall, 

Highway Department 

and Museum

We are here to help. Give us a call or stop by for assistance.