Town Board

Ralph J. Ford, Supervisor

Barbara A. Clifford, Councilperson

Brian Ford, Councilperson

Richard L. Hansen Jr., Councilperson

Mike Ventre, Councilperson

Town Attorney

Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone, LLP


Official Newspaper:

Times Herald Record

Official Bank(s):

Orange Bank and Trust

Tel: 845-726-3700

Fax: 845-726-4205


Regular Meeting: 2nd Wednesday—7:30 PM

Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting: 3rd Tuesday - 6:30 PM

Workshop Meeting: 3rd Wednesday - 6:30 PM

Meeting Rules

  • Anyone who decides to speak must clearly state their first and last name so that the Town Clerk may hear them.

  • There will be a time limit of 3 minutes per person. If someone does not use their 3 minutes, they may not give it to someone else.

  • There must be only one person at a time speaking during privilege of the floor.

  • There shall be no shouting, slanderous or obscene language. This goes for the person speaking and anyone else in attendance.

  • There shall not be any chairs or any town property being hit, pushed or damaged. There will be no tossing of papers or any other objects.